Been using Box N Go for about four or five years now

they are so so good to their customers and very easy to reach, no long wait times or touch tone help robots, and their prices can’t be beat. I was nervous about bugs or weird “wooden box smell” when I originally signed on, but let me tell you–I had my stuff in there for three years and when it came out it was exactly as I left it. No smell, no bugs, nothing. The curb side drop off and pickup is incomparable as I am on the weaker side and can’t lift very much for very long. They are always so flexible and ready to work around my needs, and the staff is always so kind and respectful. It makes the experience as pleasurable as moving boxes can be. I always go back to box n go for temporary storage when I leave for extended amounts of time or can’t pull the Goodwill trigger just yet–and the prices go down the longer you’re with them, which is super help